Paul and Leisa Stafford have been at the forefront of Irish hairdressing for over 30 years. The multi award winning couple have forged an enviable reputation as industry leaders and experts through their dynamic salon designs, creativity, global hair shows and educational seminars alongside continued first-class service at their Belfast-based salon.

Never resting on their laurels; the Staffords' continued enthusiasm and passion for their craft is evident in their commitment to the quality of their salon education producing generation after generation of brilliantly gifted stylists and colourists; many of whom have become equally successful, award winning salon owners educators and session stylists in their own right.

2020 sees Paul and Leisa emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown with a renewed vigour and hunger to create a new platform and experience for their loyal clients and staff. Embracing the new virtual era with excitement, they return after the enforced short-term closure of their Lisburn Road salon with an increased desire to continue to grow and create interesting and forward-thinking content for social platforms to further the standards and development of their brand.

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Jimmy Beech is a Northern Irish industry legend, with nearly thirty years of experience working within some of the city’s best salons.
He has built an enviable reputation for beautiful precision haircutting and stunning finishing. With multi award wins and nominations; Jimmy’s technical excellence has made him a much sought-after educator and platform artist. Since joining Stafford Hair his career has taken him all over the world working on stage at hair shows, and seminars as a brand ambassador for Denman and AlfaParf; spreading his enviable reputation even wider.

His role within Stafford Hair is to ensure that the next generation of hair stylists carry the technical and creative flag into the future.  Jimmy is at the very heart of everything that the Stafford brand stands for with a colossal clientele. His educated and articulate approach to his craft makes him one of our most sought-after stylists. For an appointment with Jimmy, be prepared to wait; but it will be worth it.

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One of Stafford Hair’s longest standing stylists, Zara Colhoun embodies the true spirit of the Stafford Hair journey from assistant to director. Her career started in Stafford’s legendary Great Victoria Street salon, with its titanic proportions and its army of stylists and technicians, Zara with maverick endeavour carved a reputation and a name for herself; truly of her own making. With artistry and brilliant technical skills, her creative understanding was matched with a sense of commerciality. Ensuring her clientele from all walks of life left the salon with individual and bespoke little works of art.

As Zara excelled in her salon status, she also became a pivotal member of the Stafford Art Team working closely with Paul and Leisa in the creation of some of their most iconic collections, and being at the heart of the creativity of their awe-inspiring shows. A finalist in the British Hairdressing Awards 2019, Zara is now a fully formed power house of creativity and innovation, with an enviable reputation; her clientele have been known to beg for appointments – Book early to avoid disappointment.

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Shane has been working in the hair industry for 10 years; he is the consummate allrounder, cutter, stylist and colourist. He continues to push his skillset to new levels of excellence; building a loyal clientele of internet savvy bloggers, and influencers, along with young professionals.

Since joining the Stafford Hair Team in 2015, he has gained a wealth of experience travelling the world with the Stafford Art Team; working on stage at international hair shows in the UK and Ireland and extensively in the United States, including New York, Chicago and Boston.

Shane was a finalist in the newcomer category at the BHA Business Awards, and has continued to build on this accolade since he qualified as a stylist in 2016.

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Fran joined our team in the midst of the 2020 pandemic, bringing with her years of experience in colouring and styling hair.

With a strong sense of personal style and finger on the pulse when it comes to current trends and all the latest techniques in hairdressing, Fran ensures that her clients have a great experience in our salon, and leave with hair that suits their personal style perfectly.

Set for a future in the Stafford Hair Arts Team, Fran is a stylist to look out for in 2021.




Mark has been hairdressing since 2012; joining the Stafford Team in 2015.

Mark is one of the Stafford Team’s most dynamic colourists, with an eye for technical excellence and suitability. His speciality is creating “California Sunkissed Blondes”, but with a ‘can do’ vision for clients who want the ultimate transformation.

Armed with an Alfaparf Colour Master Degree, Mark can often be seen on hand with the Stafford Art Team creating the looks for collections and shows worldwide.


His cool demeaner and good humour ensures that his loyal clientele is treated to more than just a hair appointment on their visits. With a constant appetite for knowledge and education, Mark James is a name to look out for in the future.





With fifteen years’ experience and a talent to match her infectious personality, Cathy is undoubtedly one of Stafford Hair’s true talents and stars. Since joining the Stafford Team in 2015, Cathy’s skillset has taken her to the most senior level at Stafford Hair.

Combining beautiful colour with great forward-thinking haircuts, Cathy commands the most loyal of clients booking her months in advance to guarantee a next visit because of her experience, and all-round technical ability.


Cathy is a pivotal member of the Stafford Team whose presence is always an asset at shows, seminars and shoots. Her dedication to her loyal clients is her main priority; accommodating them for all their special needs and requirements often in her own time.

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One of the most recognisable names and faces at Stafford Hair, Louise combines forward thinking cutting skills and beautifully placed colour techniques and palettes. Dedicated to the craft; Louise is another product of the Stafford Hair Academy whose skills are much in demand for her limited spaces.

The classic “all-rounder”, Louise is fearless, creative and passionate and after nearly twenty years in the industry, her appetite for knowledge and technical excellence knows no bounds.

One of the most trusted, and talented of the senior Stafford team; her presence within the salon environment is as appreciated by the management as it is an example to the younger team. Louise’s appointments are scarce and to avoid disappointment booking well in advance is essential.

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Tiarnán began his career in the hair industry in men’s hairdressing in 2017; entering the L’Oreal Men’s Image Grand Final Award and becoming a runner up in 2017, and a finalist in 2018.

In 2018, Tiarnán won an online competition to become Paul’s assistant and be mentored by salon educator Jimmy Beech. In that time, he worked extensively with Paul on shoots, film, shows and educational seminars; gaining essential experience for his role as a salon stylist.

His talent lies in beautiful precision haircutting, intricate shapes and technical excellence. Using his background in men’s hairdressing; Tiarnán has developed an enviable personal style that is both exciting and innovative.  Another protégée of the Stafford Academy; this new stylist is one of the most exciting prospects in hairdressing today.






It has always been the Stafford ethos to try to give anyone who wants to have a career in hairdressing an opportunity, irrelevant of age, experience or background. Over the years some of our most successful stylists and colourists have join us at the later stages of their working career. These individuals have gone on to become successful stylists in the world of film, media and hairdressing education; and so it is with Megan who joined us late in 2019 after following Stafford Hair on social media; and through the advice of other industry leaders, she decided to pursue the opportunity of joining our team to fulfil a dream career in the world of precision haircutting and styling.

In the short time that Megan has been with Stafford Hair, her past careers as educator, arts editor, social media manager, blogger and artistic director, along with first class honours BA Fine Art, have given her the opportunity to create a very niche position within the Stafford team as personal assistant to Paul and Leisa Stafford; managing the salon’s social media, marketing and events diary, whilst combining this with her ongoing development as a technical haircutter and colourist at Stafford Academy.

Megan’s future is the very essence of what Paul and Leisa’s vision of what Stafford Hair in the 2020s will look like; multifaceted individuals with many talents who can provide multiple platforms for themselves and the brand to progress.

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Chára entered the hair industry whilst studying in school in 2018, where she was introduced to salon life and gained certificates in skin cancer awareness and health and safety.


With her level 2 certification she became a member of Stafford Hair and began training with the Stafford Hair Academy.


She continues to develop her styling and finishing skills and is working towards a future as a colour technician with a goal to become an AlfaParf Colour Masters.




As part of our ongoing quest to find the exact role for all individuals who join the Stafford Team, Aimee is a shining example as someone who found her true calling whilst training as an assistant within the education system.

During this time because of her experience, maturity and calm demeanour, she was often found assisting our front of house team. As time went on and the front of house team evolved, Aimee’s position became more apparent in that role.

When the position of senior front of house became available, it was inevitable that Aimee with her trustworthiness and reliability would fit the role perfectly. Since then, she has taken on the mammoth task of managing a very busy team of individual with burgeoning clientele columns as well as the day-to-day running of the clerical side of managing a busy salon.

Within her role, Aimee also managed the booking, travelling arrangements and coordination of all Stafford art team events, which in itself could often be a full-time position. Aimee’s name and voice are as recognisable as the salon’s façade itself. She is at the very control centre of everything that makes the Stafford machine work.





Even though Kourtney only joined the Stafford team in 2018, we sometimes wonder what we ever did without her. With her instantly recognisable Scottish lilt, and her ever ready smile, Kourtney is welcoming, always helpful and accommodating.


With a solution to every problem; she is the “go-to girl” when something needs done yesterday. An integral member of the staff liaison team, her good nature and generosity guarantees a positive response from all team members when requested to carry out a task or duty outside work hours or their job descriptions.


A true leader who demonstrates her leadership skills by example and an irreplaceable member of our front of house team.

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